Deck The Halls

We are celebrating our first Christmas in our new home this year and I have never been so excited to decorate! In years past we have had to re-arrange our living room furniture to make room for a tree in our tiny apartment. Since we didn’t have much space, a small Christmas tree is all we could really do!

Last year we had a real tree and found ourselves to be slightly allergic to it, never mind constantly cleaning up pine needles (what a pain)! This year, so excited by our tall ceilings, we opted for a 7ft artificial tree that my mom happened to have laying around (nothing better than free!) I have always preferred a real tree for Christmas, thinking I could always spot a fake from a mile away, but this one is great quality and looks SO real! We have fooled quite a few guests in our home (shhhh, don’t tell!)

Here is a peak into our home this Holiday Season!  A lot of the decorations have been handed down to us from our families, which we love! Some are new and I have done my best to include the stores and prices for them!

Hope you all have a great time decorating your homes for the holiday season!

Knit Monogrammed Stockings: Target $13


My favorite ornament on our tree, passed down from my mom. “Happy Holidays” in Portuguese!



New addition this year from my mom for our new home!
Holly Wreath: Christmas Tree Shop $19.99; Decorative door knob bell: Christmas Tree Shop $2




Garland: AC Moore $2 a strand; Bow: AC Moore $9.99



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