Best Dressed: Style For Rent

I recently discovered a new gem located in Charlestown, MA – BEST DRESSED!

Started by 2 fabulous sisters from Salem, MA – Best Dressed is a retail store where women can rent dresses for any event! (weddings, galas, holiday parties, bridal showers ect.)

What is a gal to do when she has more weddings to attend than she can handle?  – AND can’t fathom the idea of having to buy multiple dresses, just to never wear them again?! God FORBID you have to wear the same dress twice?! (Admit it ladies, we have all been there!)

Best Dressed allows you to rent a designer dress for a fraction of the price while still looking & feeling gorgeous! You may be thinking, “What makes this different from online rental sites?” Personally, the online rental sites never work for me, and leave me feeling anxious. You never know if the dress will fit you properly and you could be left without any other options the day of your event.  (Speaking from experience here!)


At Best Dressed you have the opportunity to visit the store up to 3 months in advance to try on dresses. If you find something you LOVE (which I’m sure you will) you can reserve the dress for your pick up date. Once you pick up the dress it is yours for 5 days and then returned to the store.

Not to worry, if you are in a pinch or don’t have to time to visit the store ahead of time, you can rent a dress the same day as your event! Believe it or not, more than half of their rentals are done the same day as the customer’s event! This speaks VOLUMES about their amazing assortment!

IMG_9026rp (1)

The rental range for a dress starts at $40 and goes to $150, depending on the style and the designer – the average dress rental runs $65 – $70. This includes dry cleaning and any minor repairs upon return!

Best Dressed also has jewelry & handbags available for rent to top off your look! (talk about one stop shopping!)  On average, handbag & jewelry rentals are $15.


Get to know these fab sisters, Vicky & Nikoleta!


SGSG: “Were you always in love with fashion?”

Vicky & Nikoleta:Our mom used to get us dressed up for everything, including trips to the grocery store. We often matched, even though we were 4 years apart, and even though Vicky protested.”

SGSG:How did you come up with the idea for Best Dressed?”

Vicky & Nikoleta:The idea came from a group chat with friends when one of them was upset about a dress she rented from an online service arrived the day of her event, and she didn’t feel great in it. We thought, renting a dress is a great idea, but why should anyone have to wear something they don’t feel amazing in. So, we opened Best Dressed to provide another option for women in the Boston area. Getting dressed up can be so stressful, there’s often a lot of pressure on a woman to look amazing. With Best Dressed, you can come try the dress on before you commit to it and have peace of mind that you’re going to not only look, but feel gorgeous.”

SGSG:When did you decide you wanted to go into business together?”

Vicky & Nikoleta:We’ve known for a while now and were just waiting for the right idea to come along. We thought about opening a boutique that sells designer clothing, but we really wanted to do something different.

Thinking back, it probably started on a trip to Greece, we were around 7 and 11 years old, and we were bored, so we picked fresh flowers, muddled them, added water and put the liquid in some small glass bottles. We then grabbed a folding table and set up shop on the side of the road, hoping to sell a few bottles of our “perfume” to the tourists passing through the village. Needless to say, we only sold a couple bottles (to our grandmother), but we were so proud of ourselves regardless!”

SGSG: “Is it hard to work with your sister as your business partner?”

Vicky & Nikoleta: It’s challenging to work with any partner because you won’t always agree, but I think we handle it pretty well. We’re best friends, and at the end of the day, we’re sisters. We respect each other and the other’s opinion’s, and play off of each other’s strengths/balance each other out, so it works well for us.”

 SGSG: “Do you have any long term goals of opening more locations?”

Vicky & Nikoleta:We are hoping to open a 2nd location in the next couple years, likely in Southie (South Boston), as many of our key demographic reside there. After that, we would love to open several more stores in the area for convenience and to give women even more options.”


Visit the Best Dressed site here for more details! Or pop into the store and take a          look for yourself!

197 Eighth St. Suite 750

Charlestown, MA 02129

Phone: 617.337.5853

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