Chunky Knits: KPCO Boston

I love being able to work with local ladies, especially those who happen to share my initials and first name! ; )

I stumbled upon KPCO Boston on Instagram and was drawn in by a photo of a warm knit hat donning a tag with my initials on it “KP.” I instantly followed the page and loved all the bright chunky knits that KPCO had showcased!

We recently collaborated on a giveaway of an ADORABLE pink knit pom pom hat. Congrats again to our lucky winner!

Kayla, of KPCO Boston, sent me this amazing chunky knit scarf in one of my favorite colors! The bright color and cozy feel makes braving the below zero temps SO much more pleasant!

Take a look at the KPCO Boston Etsy shop here,  and use code “STINGYGIRLSTYLE” for 30% off your purchase.

You are bound to find a cozy piece you love, happy shopping!!


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