Chunky Knits: KPCO Boston

I love being able to work with local ladies, especially those who happen to share my initials and first name! ; ) I stumbled upon KPCO Boston on Instagram and was drawn in by a photo of a warm knit hat donning a tag with my initials on it "KP." I instantly followed the page and … Continue reading Chunky Knits: KPCO Boston

Winter Weather

I am so lucky to be able to admire the ocean in my backyard every day. But, as beautiful as the ocean is to look at we are learning it is equally as fierce during a winter storm! These shots were taken the day before the winter storm "Jonas" made its debut. I couldn't help but … Continue reading Winter Weather

Best Dressed: Style For Rent

I recently discovered a new gem located in Charlestown, MA - BEST DRESSED! Started by 2 fabulous sisters from Salem, MA - Best Dressed is a retail store where women can rent dresses for any event! (weddings, galas, holiday parties, bridal showers ect.) What is a gal to do when she has more weddings to … Continue reading Best Dressed: Style For Rent

15 Faves From 2015

About a year ago I set out on a journey to start a blog, mainly just as a hobby. I NEVER thought what started out so simple would be where it is today! Over the year I have had great opportunities to work with some amazing brands and companies, way beyond my expectations for this … Continue reading 15 Faves From 2015

Fashionably Late

I must admit, being late is one of my biggest pet peeves, but I couldn't pass up this adorable graphic sweatshirt from Primark! Ringing up at just $3, it's (by far) my favorite Black Friday find! A perfect look for the weekend- when its okay to be fashionably late!

The “Kayla” Earring

One of my favorite jewelry trends at the moment is the “crawler” earring.  They are so fun and add a punch of edge to an everyday outfit! Since I have my second hole pierced I usually wear crawlers in that hole and layer with a small stud in the first hole - for some added … Continue reading The “Kayla” Earring